Capitol Solutions Driven by Main Street Strategies

grassroots - grasstopsSpeaker Tip O’Neill famously coined the saying “All politics is local.” This holds true even more today than decades ago. We often find ourselves telling our clients they have to win outside the Statehouse before they can win inside it. Policy efforts can be won or lost before the legislature ever convenes each January. Legislators react to issues presented to them in their districts by their constituents, local elected officials, and other opinion leaders. The General Assembly is as reactive as it is representative.

TCG has a proven track record of success building effective coalitions that demonstrate broad-based local support for issues ranging from tort reform to options for local cable programming. We know how to organize a grassroots base, and we know how to identify key opinion leaders on issues that will have the greatest impact with policy makers. Ultimately, all politics is local and it is our job to demonstrate homegrown support for your issue.

Note: The image displayed is from a tax rally at the Statehouse in 1938. Hoosiers were motivated to turnout at a time when many people did not have automobiles, let alone Internet access, Facebook pages, or Twitter accounts.